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Paul Hardcastle – Jazzmasters VI

Paul Hardcastle started his breathtaking career with the dance hit Rainforest reaching #1 on the 12″ sales chart in the USA in 1984. His tremendous success was the song 19 in 1985, in many countries a further #1 hit. In 1991 Hardcastle began his Jazzmasters project fostering a smooth jazz community worldwide. The first album of this serial was released in Japan and The Japanese radio stations spread the word. Soon the sound arrived in USA and many listeners had to struggle for their album ’til it was finally released in USA in 1992.

This hybrid of dance music and smooth jazz quickly climbed the charts and received high acclaims by many fans finally crowned with Billboard Magazine’s 2008 Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year. Paul is just nominated again for Best International Artist and Best International Group for the up-coming American Smooth Jazz Awards in 2010.

Jazzmasters VI was released in July, 2010. Paul Hardcastle wrote, mixed and produced all tracks taking the lead on keyboards, guitar and percussion. Paul is joined on his newest project by Becki Biggins (vocals), Paul Hardcastle jr. (sax), Maxine Hardcastle (backing vocals), Chris ‘Snake’ Davis (sax, flute, Shakuhatchi) and Rock Hendrix (sax).

The relaxing character of the album, in Europe they call it chill-out, is announced with the spacey introduction Awakening Thoughts. The idea for Touch and Go was developed with a sax riff Paul Hardcastle jr. showed his dad. This tune is after The Circle Hardcastle jr.’s sophomore collaboration with his father sharing the merits with Chris Snake Davis, who performs a majestic flute.

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