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Tim Frantz – Guitar Smoothie

Guitar Smoothie is an instrumental album so full of flavor that you never know what you’ll get in the next spoonful.

Eight songs will take you through a cavalcade of musical scenarios commencing with the title track, “Guitar Smoothie,” a romantic smooth jazz groove that intimately implies haunting Spanish guitar articulations and velvety tones. Later on Tim Frantz features serious lead guitar work on the screaming, crunchy, hard rock groove in “Air To Air Combat” clearly demonstrating his instrumental prowess.

More defined caricatures of other musical genres appear in the James Bond meets Steve Vai track, “Top Spy” and in “Jazz On Tiptoe,” a 1940’s jazz version reminiscent of “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy” with a touch of Django acoustic guitar on the side.

Yet the flavors keep emerging with a slow, bluesy, pumping rock groove, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and then a chic, sophisticated, tongue-in-cheek Steely Dan tribute, “A Little Goofy,” continuing with a fusion flair on “Driving On Highway One.” The bookend to the title track, “Sitar Smoothie” leaves the listener with the memory of the first sip while savoring the last drop of a wailing sitar. Drink your Guitar Smoothie at CDBaby.