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Louie Fitzgerald – Palm Beach Coconuts

PalmbeachcoconutsThis Palm Beach Coconuts album was recorded by Louie Fitzgerald in 2001 and released by Stratophonics Music Group LLC in 2010. It is full of very exciting, creative original compositions that come from the heart and soul of Louie Fitzgerald. This album was a fun, creative project that captured the true musical genius of Louie Fitzgerald. On the original session of this album Louie wrote and recorded 10 different smooth jazz tunes and then later added one more to the project (Islamorada) making it 11 tunes on the album.

Louie Fitzgerald is playing all of the instruments on the project. The album has captured the feel of the tropical islands. You will here various latin percussion instruments being played such as timbales, congos, bongos, vibra slap and other Latin percussion instruments. The main instruments throughout the album are the piano and keyboard playing great melodies.

Along with the beautiful melodies and chords you will hear cool guitar rhythms such as R&B and Reggae keeping a perfect groove throughout the album. Each song on the album is very rhythmic and groove oriented. And the hook lines in each song are enjoyable to listen to over and over again. It is a great CD to listen to when you want to chill out and take it easy or even if you need some music at a party. Palm Beach Coconuts delivers smooth, relaxing jazz for any occasion that you need smooth jazz music for. Now available at CDBaby.