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Rico Belled – The Pursuit Of Comfort

After his migration to the States in 1992 Rico Belled played with several L.A. based groups as keyboardist and bassist. Don Randi and the house band, Leslie Paula’s “Latin Soul Band”, and finally The Rippingtons are his musical stations.

He also performed with Keiko Matsui, Marc Antoine, Chris Standring, Perla Batalla, Leslie Paula, Sound Assembly, Dino Soldo, Scott Grimes and Jeff Robinson. He left his marks on several records of these and many more artists.

Inevitable a reason to say “Hello” to the audience with his debut album The Pursuit Of Comfort (2010). Rico is very popular in the community of jazz musicians especially because of his diverse contributions for other artists. So it wasn’t difficult for him to assemble numerous musicians for his first project.

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