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Leon Ayers Jr – Here We Go

Leon Ayers Jr. a native of Detroit, Michigan began his relationship with music at an early age while attending class in the public school system. His professional studies and training at Gross Point Conservatory, Wayne State University, and the Center for Creative Studies laid a foundation for his many exciting opportunities and successes. He quickly became recognized and respected in and around the Detroit area as an outstanding keyboardist. Having this talent allowed him to travel the U.S. with notable RnB artist. That stellar list includes: The Floaters, Jones & Matthews of the Platters, Mark Channing and Alicia Meyers.

As an accomplished Jazz musician, Leon continued to study music composition and jazz theory while accompanying the vocals of Detroit RnB/Jazz singer Veronica Crockette. In 1993 he was hired to work on the artist “Dream Boy” CD project. He produced and released his first jazz CD “Compilations” to raving reviews. In the summer of 2000 he collaborated with the author/professor of Human Ecology at Michigan State University, giving audio life to one of his writings by setting the mood of each chapter with original music backdrops.

Leon’s musical arrangements can now be heard on both Soap Opera Industry projects as well as Muzak listenings. Some of his music influences are great artist such as George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Oscar Peterson, Joe Sample and Stevie Wonder. He continues to stay current by keeping his musical ear to the streets. The Air-Tyte Productions clients are satisfied when presented with cutting edge projects created through the state of the art digital, unlimited track studio he offers. Presently he is producing remixes for some of the top RnB/Pop Hits. He expresses several immediate and future goals. One of these goals involve assisting fellow musicians from all genres in developing their musical ideas for demo and/or mastering projects. His ultimate goal is to compose music for film and television, and everyday he is closer to fulfilling that dream.

His new album is entitled Here We Go showcasing great melodies of smooth jazz piano.  This album is available at CDBaby.