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Brian Culbertson – XII

Brian Culbertson is the wonder boy of smooth jazz. Sure, he has reached a decent age, but how he graces his music, that speaks for the energy of his youth. He plays with music like formats never existed. With eleven albums Long Night Out (1994), Modern Life (1995), After Hours (1996), Secrets (1997), Somethin’ Bout Love (1999), Nice & Slow (2001), Come On Up (2003), It’s On Tonight (2005), A Soulful Christmas (2006), Bringing Back the Funk (2008) and Live From The Inside (2009) he won a respectable place in the smooth jazz community. Where Brian is, you find the groove.

His next album is called XII (2010) and scheduled for release July 20, 2010. On his well-designed website you will find a lot of information about the new album. Brian is also a friend of social networks like twitter, myspace and facebook and documented the recording in many video-blogs. So his fans are best informed about the making of this brilliant album.

Brian lives his music and loves the life and parties. When Brian played on the Capital Jazz Super Cruise last year, he attended the show of Chuck Brown. Brian remembers: “I went to see his show and was blown away – two hours of non-stop funk. And I was right there in the middle of the dance floor with everybody else…gettin’ down! When I got back, I called him to be on my record…’cuz I had to have a taste of that.”

That said Feelin’ It just start there, where Funkin’ Like My Father on Bringing Back the Funk stopped. The song features Chuck Brown playing guitar and singing and comedian Sinbad, who makes sure that the song has a terrific atmosphere.

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