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Lisa McClowry – Time Signatures

Chicago artist Lisa McClowry definitely loves to sing. Still on high school she already founded her first band Mischief and performed on various gigs. Her debut album Spyglass Hill was released in 2001. Together with her friend Thomas Linsk she formed the successful band Tom & Lisa. With the group Joe Hurt Trio she shared another album in 2006.

In 2005 she joined Jim Peterik (Eye Of The Tiger) on his concert. In 2006 she sung on his rock album Above The Storm. Her next collaboration with Jim was on the album Diary of a Chameleon (2007). The song Before the Tree Comes Down (2007) was her tribute to America’s war effort.

Her first appearance in the smooth jazz genre was on Jim Peterik’s album Lifeforce (2008). Now he gives the favor back with his strong support on Lisa’s new album Time Signatures (2010). He produced her new album, wrote or co-wrote with her all songs and performed guitars, keyboards, percussion and more on her album.

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