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I Happened To Hear 06/2010

I’ve made it clear in the past how much I admire Jonathan Fritzén’s talent. You only need to look at my review of his first CD

2010’s ‘Diamonds’ kicks off with the buoyant ‘Feelin’ the Groove’ with background vocals by Laila Adéle on the chorus. The drum track and bass are crisp and this energy is evident through the whole album.

I liked the ‘picked’ bass sound on the chunky ‘Dance with Me’ and it turns up again on the funky ‘Undercover’. Fritzén goes for the Marcus Johnson urban groove sound on ‘Stockholm Nights’ and achieves an even darker and deeper sound on my personal favourite ‘Vibrations’.

You romantic guys won’t be disappointed by the gentle ‘Melting’ and ‘You’ll be Mine’. I was also interested to see that Jonathan has teamed up with some new-generation sax stars: Jessy J, Darren Rahn and Thailand’s Koh Mr Saxman. All make solid contributions and this is the company that this talented composer and multi-instrumentalist should be keeping.

I greatly enjoy the way Fritzén consistently keeps these productions clean and uncluttered: even on the busiest rhythm tracks, the piano is out front and unruffled and clear as a bell. Nothing out of place. This man’s career is taking off: check his tasteful website and see him on tour this summer if you can. Meantime, you can hear and buy downloads on Amazon.

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