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Geri Allen & Timeline – Live

On June 8, composer, performer, and scholar, Geri Allen will follow up her ambitious and critically lauded solo piano project, Flying Toward The Sound (March 30) with her first “live” recording: Geri Allen & Timeline – Live. These tandem releases mark her debut on the Motéma Music label. Fred Kaplan of Stereophile said of Flying Toward the Sound, “…she takes the art well beyond what many might expect of her. The sound quality is also superb: liquid and percussive. Get this, listen closely, and hang on tight.”

Whereas ‘Flying Toward the Sound’ documented Allen’s intimate, completely personal pianistic vision, Geri Allen & Timeline – Live reveals a populist and gregarious side of Allen’s musicality. Allen’s Timeline quartet, which has been touring successfully in the US and Europe for the past two years, represents another facet of the inspirational Geri Allen, in which she embraces the rhythmic grounding and, in fact, the very origins of syncopation through jazz in motion, with an extraordinary ensemble featuring veteran bassist Kenny Davis, and brilliant new talents Kassa Overall on multi-percussion set and tap sensation Maurice Chestnut.

Geri Allen & Timeline – Live is the first “live” recording of Allen’s 30 year career, and was recorded at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio, and Reed College, in Portland, Oregon. These two exciting live performances feature Allen’s working quartet nimbly and ferociously interacting with each other, reinventing the dialog between the dance and the drums. Timeline celebrates the dance and the music together as one.

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Chris Geith – Island Of A Thousand Dreams

Chris Geith knows a secret. The secret of success. His sophomore album Prime Time was one of the best selling albums on holding the Nr.1 position in the charts smooth jazz, jazz fusion and contemporary urban/R&B over months. The album was downloaded more than 1,400,000 times.

His new album Island Of A Thousand Dreams is released at CDBaby and currently the best selling album in Smooth Jazz. Members of his group are Chris Geith – Piano/Keyboards, Fred Scerbo – Saxophones, Matt Marshak – Guitars, Mark Mullers – Bass, Dean Kosh – Drums. The same musicians have recorded this album with the exception of the drummer, who was Donny J D on the album. All songs were composed, arranged and by Chris Geith.

The album is packed with fifteen songs, enough for over one hour music. We tumble into the album with Watch Your Step, a sizzling tune with a great piano line, propelling shuffle beat and a broad horn support. Easy Does It appeals with an attractive melody, the first approach to the imaginary island of dreams.

Once In A Lifetime is a good place for Chris Geith expansive piano journey. Avoid to listen to Coastal Daydreaming, when you are driving your car. Caught by this song you could easily crash. Chris Geith shines on the romantic ballade The Mirror Of Happiness. If you love the music of Richard Clayderman, Jim Brickman and David Foster, this is something for you.

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