Tom Schuman – Reflections Over Time

Tom Schuman (keyboardist and co-founder of Spyro Gyra) has released several great CDs before, but this is arguably the best. Starting with “A Quote From Mr. Z” he channels the spirit and genius of the late Joe Zawinul. Tom’s composition and performance on this track establishes him as this era’s successor to Zawinul.

Equally impressive is Tom’s collaboration with former Dazz Band and Kool & the Gang lead vocalist, Skip Martin on “When.” Watch the video on YouTube. With a nod to Oprah and Deepak Chopra, Tom lays down the new social anthem. Other highlights include the beautiful and melodic “Sofia’s Eyes” and perhaps the fastest performance of the John Coltrane classic, “Giant Steps” ever performed on the piano. Push Play and enjoy.

Reflections Over Time is an eclectic and exciting blend of jazz styles that takes the listener on a musical journey – sure to satisfy and delight the tastes of music lovers from every genre. Tom mixes in a little R & B and pop vocals to spice it up a little bit.

Don’t miss it at CDBaby.

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