Various Artists – wavemusic Vol. 15

Dear fans of the extraordinary,

One of the things we – indeed all of us – miss is not living like James Bond.

We find ourselves at the mercy of the daily grind, do all our banking transactions ourselves and then lose sight of the enlightening swathes of cosmopolitan color on the canvass we inhabit.

When did you last serve your dearest a dry, shaken Martini while pulsating brass riffs had your loft shaking? And when was the last time the two of you spent a romantic night of passion under the stars?

OK, so some of you might say you don’t have a loft or a canvass – and you can barely see the stars or the sky where you live. But you DO have us! You have not just any old music … but wavemusic! We can take you to places where class, style and elegance are at home.

May 28, 2010 sees the release of … the ALL-NEW VOLUME 15. Hip hip hurray! Every song is a victory over mediocrity merchants and a knockout blow to the uninspired.

Fancy some Remy Shand, Till Brönner or Lee Ritenour? You want more? How about ”Crazy” by Papik, a Swedish love song from the Bo Kaspers Orkester – or indeed some enticing images from the glamorous world of Concorde and the jet set?

You can click here to order a copy or check out a sample, and let the music take you to a place that’s a cut above the rest. Compiled with passion, styled in fashion. wavemusic Vol. 15.

The rise of the jetset in the 60s and 70s saw the emergence of a new, cosmopolitan lifestyle. Wealthy socialites were able to fly between desirable destinations – from the stylish to the exotic – as they fancied. First New York, Paris and London … but the jetset’s itinerary expanded continuously as the conventional centers of big business were soon joined by alternative party locations by the sea. The world shifted closer together, and flying became the epitome of style and glamour.

Music is likewise all about style. It connects, it gives us the right kind of boost, and it can even help us to take off in style. What’s more, of course, ultimately music also brings the world closer together. In accordance with this uplifting tone, the 15th installment of wavemusic’s flagship compilation is once more graced by inspired imagery – most notably from that grandmaster of photography, F.C. Gundlach. His works have a timeless style and boast precisely the kind of lightness that we always seek in our music.

Enjoy and take off with wavemusic Volume 15!

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