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Help Ned Fight ALS – Finding My Way Home, Vol. 1 & 2

Music and inspiration — always a powerful combination – have joined hands in an amazing new way for Ned Mann and music fans everywhere.

For years, Mann was a major player in the New York City music scene, as an in-demand bassist and engineer/producer. But then ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease – struck in 1999, taking away his mobility and his career seemed finished.

Today, with the beautiful new jazz double-album Finding My Way Home, Mann and his band of believers make a defiant stand against ALS. Volume One features musical luminaries including Randy Brecker, Will Lee, and Chuck Loeb playing inspired contemporary jazz. Volume Two showcases Mike Stern, David Mann, and Rufus Reid swinging standards in a mainstream jazz setting.

Equipped with new adaptive PC technology, Mann has accomplished a 21st Century feat with Home, performing all mixing and post production duties on his computer using SmartNav, a system that gives him full control of his mouse via head movement.

“The gift of music reappearing in my life inspired me to help others. I produced these all-star sessions to raise funds and awareness for ALS research. The support from the musical community has been truly amazing, with everyone from musicians to studios generously donating their time, talents and creativity”, Mann says. “This project has been a true blessing for me, keeping me positive, focused and surrounded by great music. It shows that as long as one has hope anything is possible.”

All profits from Home will be donated to the ALS Association. Although there is no treatment today that halts or reverses ALS, new methods, such as stem-cell research, offer hope and the possibility of an eventual cure.

Ned’s brother David worked tirelessly on the project, helping to coordinate recording sessions in NYC, and then sent the digital music files to Ned for mixing and finishing at his home base in San Diego. The result is an album that breaks new ground in its combination of art, technology, and sheer strength of the human spirit.

“It is a rare joy to make music simply for the love of it,” David Mann reports. “All these great musicians were celebrating their love of music, but also their love of Ned. This joy and love comes through in the music. We hope that people are moved by it.”

Finding My Way Home CDs are available from CDbaby, and downloads from CDbaby,  iTunes, AmazonMP3, and Rhapsody.