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Sam Stryke – Brunch

“Composing music is like solving a puzzle,” says Sam Stryke. “It’s an intellectual challenge – obeying the rules and then breaking them in a creative and strategic way.” Relying on a combination of heart and intellect, the accomplished pianist taps into a reservoir of formal musical training and resurfaces with modern instrumentals infused with engaging melodies and rich orchestrations.

A versatile artist, Stryke is also a talented commercial, film and television composer. “Composing for commercials is easier than creating my own music,” he says. “In ads, the picture dictates much of the writing and the direction is clear. When I’m composing for myself, there are many more options, which requires more soul searching.” Stryke finds that the two worlds provide a creative balance – the fast and furious pace of advertising complements the introspective and thoughtful process of making albums.

His newest album Brunch offers smart, fresh and sunny jazz with a jolt of caffeinated jazz improvisation. Featuring energetic grooves and lyrical melodies influenced by pop music. Instrumental cross between Bruce Hornsby, Jamie Cullum and Vince Guaraldi.

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