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Denis Farfone – Forever Yours

Denis Farfone has long been regionally recognized a saxophone giant. Probably more than any saxophonist since Dexter Gordon, Charlie Parker and Sidney Bechet. Denis has been recognized as the Sultan of Soul. This album represents ten of his best soulful compositions. Farfone, made his reputation in the late-70’s with the explosive Sonido Ekos latin band and at Bear Mountain Inn with The Paul Pick Jazz Orchestra which lasted 10 years.

He performed in Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago and Cincinatti recording at The Ole Opryland Studio in Nashville before returning to New York. In the 80’s, no one was taking the time to really listen and give Denis his due. It was not until he began to record his own compositions under his Jazz Note label that he really began to be appreciated for his giant talent with CD sales.

Alto and Soprano saxophones try to soothe you with very soft Smooth Jazz that calms you as you listen from one song to the next. Some songs performed on alto saxophone and some on soprano saxophone depending on the nature of the song. Background instruments used to enhance the sound are two very different keyboards, percussion, fret-less bass, and strings.

Denis Farfone comments: “I hope you enjoy the sound I’ve created. This album will be performed live this summer in Stamford CT, Norwalk CT and Rye Playland, New York. It’s my gift to share for you to enjoy!”

Taste Forever Yours at CDBaby.