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Patti Austin – Sound Advice

Grammy-winning chanteuse Patti Austin was born to sing and not just sing but to connect with millions worldwide through her undeniable gift of storytelling. Throughout her illustrious career, Austin has used her voice as a beacon of light in the music industry and beyond, creating timeless anthems and lending her voice to causes like her own Blue Movement (Austin’s inspiring campaign to end domestic violence), cancer awareness, children’s rights, mentoring and other issues important to her.

Patti Austin’s uniquely identifiable, crisp honey toned alto, along with her impeccable phrasing, sultry song styling and ability to take on any musical genre, has made her a treasure in American music. Topping charts as diverse as R&B, dance and jazz, Austin has collaborated with everyone from her godfather Quincy Jones (most recently on We Are the World 25 for Haiti), Michael Jackson (Off The Wall), James Ingram (Baby Come to Me) to Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, George Benson and Bette Middler, to name a few. On August 31, 2010 the awe-inspiring vocalist will release her Shanachie Entertainment debut, Sound Advice, a collection of powerful songs with potent messages that have personal meaning to the singer. Sound Advice follows Austin’s Grammy winning tribute to George Gerswhin, Avant Gershwin.

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Joyce Spencer – Sweet Dreams

A native of South Louisiana, Joyce Spencer’s musical influence came early and often because her grandfather (Freeman Fontenot) was a musician and one of the originators of zydeco music. Most of the family gatherings included music and song and the strong influence of blues, jazz, R&B, gospel, and the charismatic flavor of south Louisiana were all elements of her musical development. Also, her instrumental music eduction degree provided knowledge and training in other musical styles, including classical and jazz, which has allowed her to be more creative in writing and composing music.

Joyce grew up in a small town with limited resources to study music; however, it did not discourage her passion for music and playing in the Basile Middle/High School Band. She started playing clarinet in middle school, but grew very fond of the tenor saxophone in the 12th grade. Joyce later played the alto sax and flute in college, where she majored in instrumental music education and studied both classical and jazz at McNeese State University. She also sang in the McNeese Acapella and the Catholic Student Center church choir. Due to family responsibilities, she laid the instruments down for about 20 years; however, Joyce reignited her passion for music when she began singing and playing her alto and tenor saxophones and flute in churches, and eventually added the soprano sax. That led to other opportunities to play in solo acts, combos, and jazz/gospel bands that performed in several venues, and finally recording her first CD in 2010, with all of her original work.

The first CD consists of eight instrumental selections on soprano and alto sax, flute and three vocal selections. Even with limited resources and finances, Joyce’s faith in God to provide prevailed as she labored in writing and producing all of the music and lyrics. Her goal was the write in a smooth jazz/gospel style leaning toward more of a Praise and Worship gospel style of music to minister to your soul and help heal broken hearts.

Sweet Dreams is now arrived at CDBaby.