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Travis Vega – U

All of his life Travis Vega has been fascinated with the timeless, all-encompassing qualities of without words.. Pure music. Travis feels words can sometimes take away from the true message… Travis music takes him beyond words, melding his passion and talent to create his rhythmic autobiography both in the studio and in live performances.

Like his role model, Travis has broken down barriers by crossing his music over into mainstream circles through an ethnic funk jazz-fusion. This combination entices bodies young and old to sway with the wholesome beat of pure passion. Through his talent, Travis has created a smooth laid-back melodic feel, earning him the “Rising Star” award in a Northern California. As an artist Travis is a bridge to deliver a positive musical message to an audience willing to journey with him. Travis…tunes are their escape and his expression of gratitude for all that music has blessed him with.

After Just Let It Flow (2007) and Smooth Urban Night (2008) Travis now releases his third album U (2010). Anew Travis allures the audience with appealing melodies and his amazing performance. His new album is now available at CDBaby.

Alan Adams – Testament

Alan Adams grew up in a classical music home, having his first piano lesson at the age of five. Throughout his childhood, he and his family traveled all across the big state of Texas competing in piano competitions and recitals. Living in a musical mecca like Texas that has produced artist such as ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The One O Clock Lab Band, Bugs Henderson, and Pantera to name a few, as well as living near the host town of the most prestigious piano competition in the world, (The Van Cliburn) Alan had a wide range of influences to draw from the past twenty-plus years of composing that would eventually serve him to create a music style all his own. Playing with bands and orchestra’s mostly as a drummer and percussionist in his young adult years, onstage and in studios was exciting, but it was composing and recording music where Alan’s passion grew.

Using only digital keyboard technology, and drawing from his love of Fusion and Jazz artist like Jeff Lorber, Chic Corea, and Herbie Hancock, Classical composers like Beethoven, Scarlatti, and Grieg, and Rock bands like Robin Trower, Grand Funk, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and even Ted Nugent, Alan has put all of those influences into a style of music that makes you forget that you are not listening to a room full of musicians. Living in Texas all his life, Alan has hung his hat now in the Pacific Northwest for the past five years.

For Testament, his third album, Alan Adams used his experiences in becoming born again to create a soulful set of smooth jazz instrumental melodies. You’ll be whistling these songs to yourself well after you turn the music off. As with his first two CD’s, My Notes and Fuel, Alan composed, recorded, and performed all the music that you hear, showing his wide range of talent and exceptional innovative use of digital keyboard technology. A must have in your collection.  Testament is now on sale at CDBaby.