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Jake Glasgow – Keepin’ On

Self-reliance is the name of the game. Berklee College of Music graduated musician Jake Glasgow has a great creative scale as MIDI expert at Coda Music Technology, as teacher of inTune, a school of contemporary music offering private music lessons in Brass, Woodwind, Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitar, and Piano, as a studio musician with groups all over the United States, as a producer, writer, arranger, and sound designer on countless projects for Television, Radio, and indie film, as a clinician for schools and as initiator of his own solo career.

Jake started with the 2007 release, Hangin’ With Mister G. As you can see on the cover, the “G” is also center of his sophomore album Keepin’ On (2010).

Most of the instruments on this album are performed by Jake with assistance of special guests Matt Ramerman (drums), Brad Johnson (bass guitar), Peter Bagale (vocals), Nick Rosenthal, Matt Merritt, and Jeff Reichman (guitars).

Jake comments: “A lot of good times were had in the making of this album. I would like to thank everyone involved for lending their talents, ears, support, and antics. It’s been three years since my first solo release and I couldn’t be more excited about the second. I thank you all for your interest and continued support. Enjoy!”

When you are on the search after a new sound, give A Tip Of My Hat a listen. After starting as a dynamic smooth jazz tune, the track soon develops a high-handed existence of a special kind. Jake’s treat of the sound is really innovative and unique.

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