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KJ – Life Line

Kevin’s passion for music began while he was growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up in a house always filled with music, and by the age of three, Kevin was learning to play a snare drum, his uncle Walker teaching him to keep time with the Blues and Jazz records playing on the stereo. His love for playing the drums continued to grow, and in Junior High, he performed in competitions and earned the “Best Jazz Drummer” trophy. Challenging himself to learn more instruments, Kevin played the trombone in the marching band as well.

In High School, he picked up the bass guitar and keyboards, and then discovered that it was possible to write and record his own music, playing all of the instruments himself. With limited technology at that time, it wasn’t easy to tape, engineer and mix tracks, but by 1993, Kevin was comfortable using sequencing software. With that skill mastered, Kevin found that practicing and developing his own unique style came easily.

In 2000, Kevin added the sax to his repertoire. “I love the sound of the Soprano sax, its beautiful vibrato with long tones. It suits my style I guess”. Six string bass remains Kevin’s primary instrument for improvisation, and sometimes, depending on his mood, he will gravitate toward keyboards as well. Currently, Kevin has completed his second project, Life Line. As he did on his debut project A Place of Solitude, Kevin plays all the instruments.

Kevin says:  “Life Line represents turning an emotional corner in life. It’s that point where you take inventory of everything that has happened-good and bad. Some people write books, internalize, buy a sports car or take a class. I was blessed to be able to pour mine into music. It’s a mid-life revaluation set to music”.

Kevin’s music offers a glimpse into the mind of this truly remarkable artist, and each note represents a step forward on his musical journey. You can be a part of his journey at CDBaby.