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Alan Burroughs – Chicago Life

Embark upon the Smooth Jazz adventures of Chicago Life, where you will be transported through time with each track taking you on an excursion of multi-cultural diverse pleasures.

Your journey begins with the exciting movement of urban life. While traveling along you’ll be whisked away to far off places feeling the joy of the cool white sands of Brazil caressing your toes, then jetting off to the Islands you’ll taste the flavor of the moist salty air, the hot sun warming your skin and all the while reminiscing about life at the Dawn of your Desires and your first intimately impassioned kiss!

Through smooth as silk transitions, slick licks and an intricately edgy detailed style, the unparalleled talents of this guitar virtuoso will awaken the depths of your soul, inspire you to dance with your love and ignite a frenzy of yet untapped explosive energies!

The brilliance of the masterful techniques used by this artist will recharge your spirit with a renewed sense of devotion to uplifting your own hearts desires in life.

As with all things which give us the pleasures we crave, your travels through the awesome multi- talented musicianship of Alan Burroughs (A.B.) Chicago Life CD will fill you to capacity with satisfaction yet entice you to wait with baited breath… for more now at CDBaby!