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Mbandi – Shades Of Pearl

Influenced by his African childhood and western upbringing, Mbandi’s music embraces gently flowing melodies as well as exotic rhythms that refresh like a tropical breeze.

Mbandi was born on May 11, 1979 in a town called Limbe (formerly Victoria), which is on the West Coast of Cameroon in West Africa. He was first introduced to the piano in his early teens when his father purchased a keyboard for his older brothers. “I still didn’t fall in love with the piano then because I thought it was for girls. It wasn’t until my dad forced me to take piano lessons at the age of 14 that I discovered the wonders of the piano”. Piano lessons might have increased his interest in the piano but the lessons lasted for two weeks only. “I was more interested in popular music but my piano teacher insisted on teaching only classical music”. As a result, Mbandi decided to teach himself how to play and compose music. He composed his first song at the age of fifteen and has composed close to a hundred songs since then.

Mbandi left his native country of Cameroon in August of 1994 at the age 15 to attend University in Pennsylvania. While in college, he formed a band and played for campus and local events. After graduating in 1998, he decided to concentrate on career in music, his first love. Mbandi now 30yrs old, lives in the Washington DC metro area. His new album Shades Of Pearl offers gentle rhythms with a foundation for harmonic textures created by the blending of acoustic instruments (piano, wooden flutes, guitars and saxophone) with rich synthesized sounds.

A subtle backdrop ambiance of lush string and non-lyrical vocal harmonies adds richness and color to this instrumental masterpiece. Sit back, relax and let Mbandi’s music take you on an a beautiful journey.

Shades Of Pearl is available now at CDBaby.