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Various Artists – moreorlessJazz 7

Architects aspire to create conducive living and working environments, while we conjure up dreamlike structures made of Jazz music. Our quality building material of choice comprises songs with the clarity and space to encourage improvisation: free-flowing vocals and liberated melodies.

This floating principle is embodied by an icon of modern architecture: the German Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 International Expo. The steel, glass, concrete, marble and golden onyx employed provide a discreet setting – as well as space for contemplation and reflection.

Our interior is adorned by the mellow sounds of Vocal Jazz, a highlight being Sophie Milman and the enticing song ”Beautiful Love” that provides the foundation for moreorlessJazz 7. Jacqui Naylor performs some fine sculpture work on rolling stones with her rendering of ”Miss You”, before Jeb Loy Nichols sends a distinctly laid-back finale through our hall of sound.

moreorlessJazz 7: An environment to savor thoughts – and enjoy life. For more information visit