Le Kat – Boudoir Rouge

A glamor girl enchanted by vintage Hollywood and Paris of the 1930s, chanteuse Le Kat is poised to pounce on the music scene with a theatrical debut album, Boudoir Rouge, brimful of elegant jazz and moody pop songs that ooze alluring sensuality. In addition to purring seductively throughout the collection, the platinum blond vixen wrote nine songs and produced thirteen tracks with William Tabanou. The CD will be released February 16th.

Boudoir Rouge is an intimate glimpse behind the closed doors of a woman’s bedroom. It is a place where she is free to fully explore her amorous passions. She is safe, in control and in love. The protagonist isn’t shy about satisfying her lustful desires, but above all she longs for love and romance. Although strong, sometimes her delicate heart aches. Yet she is always a classy lady.

She’s fun, confident and loves dressing up, using her sex appeal to entice and tantalize. That woman is Le Kat, a torch singer, seductress and playful party girl. Evoking the image and celebrating the glamor of a bygone era that spawned the birth of jazz, Le Kat was inspired by the likes of Josephine Baker, Cab Calloway, Cole Porter and Marlene Dietrich. She describes her style as being “a musical fusion of the past and present that takes you on a dream-like journey back to another time. Call it nouveau glamor of old Hollywood.”

Set in a Paris café, “Best I Ever Had” opens the disc with a song of ardent yearning cooed ethereally by our heroine. Le Kat delivers bluesy vamps on “I Need A Man” and “More.” Her talented ensemble sounds like a big band on “Talk To Me” while the foundation of “Mista Twista” is a funky hip hop beat. A video clip was lensed for “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls,” an aggressive fusion of Bossa Nova and samba rhythms. The sassy “Hanky Panky” is lasciviously spiked with Middle Eastern riffs.

Le Kat utilizes the full range of her voice on “Bigger Than The Both of Us,” which fluctuates between a measured meander and an unbridled gallop. The first track currently garnering airplay from the album, “River” flows gracefully with a swinging jazz cadence. “Coming Home,” “Desire” and “Blue Man” are dark, ambient ballads of adoration. Bookending the collection with a return trip home to Hollywood, the frisky “Keep Young and Beautiful” provides a litany of tips for those obsessed with preserving youth and physical beauty. Appearing as a bonus track, the haunting “Lady in Lavender” was the name of the character Kat played in the cult classic horror film, Phantasm.

Source: Great Scott P.R.oductions

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