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Richard Chadwick – Still Dreaming

Versatile guitarist Richard Chadwick was born in Montreal, Canada in 1956. He raised on 60’s and early 70’s Rock. Some of Richard’s early guitar influences were George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page. In the early 70’s Richard worked in various clubs and dances in the Montreal Area developing his style. In 1975 he moved west and got caught up in booming Country and Western scene in Alberta. Road work, session work, T.V work followed further honing Richard’s skill’s. In 1981 the Guitarist moved to Los Angeles to study at G.I.T (Guitar Institute). Some of Richard”s teacher’s included Howard Roberts, Tommy Tedesco, and Jay Graydon!! Heavy duty for sure! Those years in L.A drew Richard closer to a jazz, Blues based style.

Through the years Richard’s style as a constant sideman from L.A to London to Vancouver has absorbed many different musical colors. Since moving to Vancouver, Richard continues to play in clubs and sessions and most recently of course working on his debut instrumental CD Still Dreaming with producer Ray Garand. The recording is now finished and  Still Dreaming now available at CDBaby.