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The Whispers Orchestra – T.W.O.

The debut of T.W.O. featuring guest artists The Whispers, Phil Perry, Russell Thompkins JR., Alyson Williams and Tracy Hazzard. 1 + 7 = T. W. O??? But to The Whispers they are so much more than eight individuals that play in our band. They have, quite literally, become extensions of us. To call them just friends somehow seems so inadequate and a gross understatement. They are eight extraordinarily gifted musicians, whom over the years, The Whispers have been blessed to share the recording studio, the stage, our hopes, dreams, blessing and sins with. It’s impossible to imagine performing or life without them.

To those of you that listen to music with not only your ears, but also your hearts you are in for a sonic feast, an exquisite musical diet of love, peace and happiness, laced with enough ear candy to last you a life time. So with no further ado, let The Whispers introduce to you, the musical debut of T.W.O., a CD much too long overdue. Get the album at CDBaby.

Richard Leach – Collections

Richard Leach has put together a Collection of his original compositions from his many recordings. Traditional jazz style guitar with blues, Latin and classical influences are presented here in the compositions. Acoustic jazz with his nylon string guitar and blues guitar with his solid tracks section throughout the tunes. Bossa Novas to Sambas to some finger snapping blues- open guitar tunings presented on that warm sounding guitar.

Richard Leach is a Southern California based guitarist/ published composer and published poet. He has been a part of the LA music scene since the mid 60’s. From early surf groups as the Bel Airs- Eddie and the Showman to become a top Los Angeles sideman and session player with Ray Charles and Gene Harris and many others. Get your Collections now at CDBaby.

Kyle Turner – Wrapped Tight

Kyle Turner’s musical journey has taken him all over the world. In 1990, he moved to Austin, Texas where he released his first CD It’s Time (1992). His second CD Sincerely Yours, was released in 1995. Shortly after the release of KT3 Kyle moved to Los Angeles where he quickly established himself as one of the hardest working saxophonist in Southern California. Deciding to get back to his Texas roots, Kyle relocated back to his hometown of Houston, Texas and released his third CD KT3 in 2002.

Since his move Kyle has reinvented himself to take his music and creativity to new heights. In 2007 he released Collection, which is a Best of Kyle Turner CD with four new releases which includes a steamy rendition of The Shadow of Your Smile. Kyle is also extremely active in promoting jazz and creating opportunities for jazz musicians in Houston and beyond.

Constantly searching for new outlets to get music to new audiences, he has embarked on another project. He is the host of a weekly television show, “Red Cat Live”. Red Cat Live is a 30 minute look into the activities of Houston’s top music venue The Red Cat Jazz Café. This show features performances and interviews of local, regional and national performers. For more information about the artist visit his website.

His fifth album is entitled Wrapped Tight (2009) and on sale at CDBaby.

Steve Laury – Volumes 1 – 3 – New Steve Laury

Steve Laury is a guitar player’s guitarist (Pat Metheny). As Steve says, “Let the music speak for itself”. In 1983, Steve started the band known to this day as Fattburger. With Steve’s compositions, signature sound and stellar guitar playing, Fattburger immediately shot to #1 spots in R & R, Gavin and Billboard. After seven successful years with the band, Steve decided that it was time to pursue a solo career. Steve’s first three solo albums went #1 across the board. Needless to say, there was no turning back. “Now I can produce the music that I write exactly the way that I hear it.” Steve’s success as a solo artist allowed him the creative freedom that was not attainable with Fattburger.

As a guitarist, composer, and producer, Laury operates in that rarefied air where composition, execution and spontaneity interact to produce truly satisfying music. He also has a rare ability to keep his diverse musical gifts in their proper perspective: “My whole approach to music is that it should be like a painting. A guitar sound and guitar soloing are the focal point of that painting. But all the other things that go around it — the arrangement and everything else — fit into that picture and embellish the focal point.”

Fans of Steve Laury’s guitar music will certainly have observed, that Steve published in 2008 three albums on CDBaby, entitled Volumes 1 -3 and in 2006 New Steve Laury. For now the tunes are only available as mp3s. Please support this great guitarist, his music is amazing and unsurpassed.

Alan Hewitt – Retroactive

Visiting Alan Hewitt‘s new website is a spectacular pleasure. The same is to say about his new album Retroactive, which is just released in January 2010. The first single of the album Shaft is already in heavy rotation on many Internet radio stations. Alan Hewitt’s footprints are inestimable in music industry. He worked with Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire), Donny Osmond and other artists.

He started his solo career with Noche de Pasion (2004), followed by his critically acclaimed 2006 release Metropolis. On his third album Retroactive (2010) he presents artists like Greg Adams (Tower of Power), Paul Jackson Jr., Steve Madaio (Stevie Wonder) and Steve Oliver.

Isaac Hayes’ soulful and funky theme song to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film Shaft (1971), is reactivated by Alan Hewitt as instrumental piano driven version. “Alan has the golden touch. This single reminds me of the killer sound that defined the airwaves of the 70s. I think there is a real movement in music to return to the mother groove of R&B,” enthuses David Checkler, CEO of nuGroove Records. A perfect introduction to Alan’s new endeavor.

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Tia Fuller – Decisive Steps

The astonishingly gifted, Colorado-born, alto / soprano saxophonist / flautist Tia Fuller is at home at all points of the musicverse – from her show-stopping solos as a member of superstar Beyoncé’s all-female band, to her scintillatingly swinging jazz dates and recordings. Her newest Mack Avenue release Decisive Steps, is the long-awaited follow-up to her 2007 label debut Healing Space. It features her Beyoncé bandmate, drummer Kim Thompson; bassist Miriam Sullivan; Fuller’s sister, Shamie Royston on piano and Fender Rhodes; with special guests, trumpeter Sean Jones and bassist Christian McBride (both Mack Avenue label mates); vibraphonist Warren Wolf; and tap dancer Maurice Chestnut.

“It’s a continuation of Healing Space, evolving from a stationary place of healing to steps of action,” Fuller says. “I’ve been in the mindset of really moving forward to the next level in my life, constantly being in the mindset of greatness, relentless in my pursuit and progressing with purpose by embracing my talents, recognizing my strengths and improving upon my weaknesses…but also in not being afraid of change; stepping forward in faith and not in fear.”

Indeed, the ten tracks on this sumptuous CD aurally illustrate Fuller’s artistic fearlessness fulfilled by her agile, buoyant and elegant full-bodied sax lines effortlessly improvising a number of moods and grooves, as evidenced by the take-no-prisoners tempo of the title track. “The first track, ‘Decisive Steps,’ was one of the last songs that I wrote for the album,” Fuller says. “This particular song is very intricate – it has a lot of hits and time changes, so, compositionally, I wanted to portray a sonic representation of momentum; in moving forward, and really feature everybody in the quartet.” Royston’s Icarusian “Windsoar” highlights she and her sister’s telepathic compositional bond. “We have a way of writing, where our songs are almost seamless,” Fuller says. “It’s funny; when Shamie started writing ‘Windsoar,’ it begins with a melody surrounded by a concert B-flat, and I was like, ‘Shamie…I just started writing ‘Clear Mind’ with the same concept of the harmonies surrounding the melody of the B-flat.’ We were writing in the same light of each other. We didn’t talk about it; it was intuitive.”

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Wayne Linsey – A Song Without Words

The consummate musician, producer, arranger, songwriter and artist in his own right, Wayne Linsey’s list of credits reads like a who’s who in contemporary music. Legendary names like Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder are among the plethora of artists with whom the L.A.-based maestro has worked on stage and in the recording studio. Super producers like Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds and hitmakers like Whitney Houston and Earth, Wind & Fire always call Wayne to work on their projects; as a touring musician, Wayne spent many years with the ever-popular band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, lending his distinctive and soulful touch as the primary keyboardist to the group’s energetic live show.

While he maintains a non-stop schedule of touring and studio work, Wayne’s focus in 2009 is his first solo project: “As a professional, I’ve been blessed to work with every artist of my dreams. I also see the purpose of my gift to provoke thought and enjoyment through my own music.” In keeping with an array of personal musical influences – which include Duke Ellington, Parliament, Oscar Peterson, Donny Hathaway, Wonder, Beverly and Davis – Wayne’s new project runs the gamut from jazz and R&B to world music and rap: “The album is not based on one dimension stylistically,” he notes. “Diversity is important to me. There’s enough material on the CD for the smooth jazz market: as an instrumentalist, that can be your only outlet for radio. But I didn’t approach this album the way the industry usually does by favoring one musical style…”

As a multi-talented instrumentalist, Wayne plays keyboards, guitar, bass and drums on the record; special guest players include trombonist Fred Wesley, Bobby Brown, Michael ‘Patches’ Stewart on trumpet, saxophonist Kenny Garrett, drummer Teddy Campbell, Kevin Ricard on percussion, Hiram Bullock, Paul Jackson Jr., John “Jubu” Smith & Tariqh Akoni on guitars and vocalists Leon Ware, Louis Price, Lamont Van Hook and Wayne’s former wife, artist in her own right, Lynne Fiddmont, among others. Incorporating funky grooves, soulful slow jams and pieces with topical lyrical messages and including “Bookendz,” a tune originally commissioned by Miles Davis which appears on his live recordings as “Wayne’s Tune,” Wayne’s new CD reflects the broad spectrum of music he’s mastered since his early days studying at Washington DC’s Howard University.

Don’t miss this great album, which is available at CDBaby.