Tim Hillwood – Venture Out

After playing with various bands from rock to jazz and other types of music, Tim Hillwood left the domain of other song-writers and instrumental composers to write the music that seemed to flow to him naturally. Though always experimenting with original material, it became his main focus after an accident caused serious injury to his left hand, threatening his ability to play guitar again. These selections stem from the joy of a gift regained, with intention to uplift and inspire the listener.

With the exception of “The Wonder of It All” which includes vocals by Tim, Venture Out is a work of instrumental guitar crafting that goes beyond the norm. The melodic content is sometimes both complex and simple in expression. Complex in the counterpoint and finger-style, almost classical approach at times, yet simple in delivery of melody which may be written, and in other cases spontaneously improvised. The moods evoked can sometimes come from a feel that comes from a melodic jazz, and touches at times to what could almost be described as earthy and new-age.

It’s unique, and whatever you call it, may your soul smile and your day become lighter and brighter for the experience, because this music has a way of becoming friends with the listener. For the more electric side of Tim Hillwood’s original guitar music, visit www.ethospire.com. These unique and original acoustic guitar based selections are intended to lighten your day and inspire you. Some are solo-guitar compositions. Others include bass, keyboard, drums and more to create an uplifting melodic “space” that enhances your spirit now at CDBaby.

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