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The Whispers Orchestra – T.W.O.

The debut of T.W.O. featuring guest artists The Whispers, Phil Perry, Russell Thompkins JR., Alyson Williams and Tracy Hazzard. 1 + 7 = T. W. O??? But to The Whispers they are so much more than eight individuals that play in our band. They have, quite literally, become extensions of us. To call them just friends somehow seems so inadequate and a gross understatement. They are eight extraordinarily gifted musicians, whom over the years, The Whispers have been blessed to share the recording studio, the stage, our hopes, dreams, blessing and sins with. It’s impossible to imagine performing or life without them.

To those of you that listen to music with not only your ears, but also your hearts you are in for a sonic feast, an exquisite musical diet of love, peace and happiness, laced with enough ear candy to last you a life time. So with no further ado, let The Whispers introduce to you, the musical debut of T.W.O., a CD much too long overdue. Get the album at CDBaby.