Kyle Turner – Wrapped Tight

Kyle Turner’s musical journey has taken him all over the world. In 1990, he moved to Austin, Texas where he released his first CD It’s Time (1992). His second CD Sincerely Yours, was released in 1995. Shortly after the release of KT3 Kyle moved to Los Angeles where he quickly established himself as one of the hardest working saxophonist in Southern California. Deciding to get back to his Texas roots, Kyle relocated back to his hometown of Houston, Texas and released his third CD KT3 in 2002.

Since his move Kyle has reinvented himself to take his music and creativity to new heights. In 2007 he released Collection, which is a Best of Kyle Turner CD with four new releases which includes a steamy rendition of The Shadow of Your Smile. Kyle is also extremely active in promoting jazz and creating opportunities for jazz musicians in Houston and beyond.

Constantly searching for new outlets to get music to new audiences, he has embarked on another project. He is the host of a weekly television show, “Red Cat Live”. Red Cat Live is a 30 minute look into the activities of Houston’s top music venue The Red Cat Jazz Café. This show features performances and interviews of local, regional and national performers. For more information about the artist visit his website.

His fifth album is entitled Wrapped Tight (2009) and on sale at CDBaby.

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