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Steve Laury – Volumes 1 – 3 – New Steve Laury

Steve Laury is a guitar player’s guitarist (Pat Metheny). As Steve says, “Let the music speak for itself”. In 1983, Steve started the band known to this day as Fattburger. With Steve’s compositions, signature sound and stellar guitar playing, Fattburger immediately shot to #1 spots in R & R, Gavin and Billboard. After seven successful years with the band, Steve decided that it was time to pursue a solo career. Steve’s first three solo albums went #1 across the board. Needless to say, there was no turning back. “Now I can produce the music that I write exactly the way that I hear it.” Steve’s success as a solo artist allowed him the creative freedom that was not attainable with Fattburger.

As a guitarist, composer, and producer, Laury operates in that rarefied air where composition, execution and spontaneity interact to produce truly satisfying music. He also has a rare ability to keep his diverse musical gifts in their proper perspective: “My whole approach to music is that it should be like a painting. A guitar sound and guitar soloing are the focal point of that painting. But all the other things that go around it — the arrangement and everything else — fit into that picture and embellish the focal point.”

Fans of Steve Laury’s guitar music will certainly have observed, that Steve published in 2008 three albums on CDBaby, entitled Volumes 1 -3 and in 2006 New Steve Laury. For now the tunes are only available as mp3s. Please support this great guitarist, his music is amazing and unsurpassed.