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Batik – Vudu

Barry Hartglass, a gifted musician (electric bass and soprano sax) and composer/producer (music for TV, film, video and internet) journeyed to the wilds of Putnam County in the year 2000 from his native home of Long Island. He has since then built a recording studio on scenic Lake Carmel in the town of Kent. Many established and highly successful musicians/recording artists live in this area, such as Natalie Merchant, Jan Hammer and the award winning composer, John Corigliano. Prior to relocating in Putnam County, Hartglass studied composition at the world-renowned Juilliard school, which is where he met fellow composer/percussionist Tom Nazziola. Tom has been known in the family circuit for his keyboard performances on Disney’s “Baby Einstein” DVD/CD catalog, in addition to working with organizations and artists such as Garrison Keillor, Terrance Blanchard, the New York Philharmonic and Marvin Hamlisch. Both Hartglass and Nazziola found common interests in their composing efforts and soon set out to form an ensemble that could realize their collaborative efforts through a fusion of world music and contemporary jazz.

From there, Hartglass recruited longtime friend and brilliant pianist/composer, John Roggie (also a fellow classmate from the University of Miami). John has programmed music for several Broadway plays (Fosse, Tale of Two Cities, Radiant Baby) in addition to performing with artists in genres ranging from hip-hop to classic rock to straight ahead jazz. John’s eclectic writing style and musical sensitivity made him the obvious choice for keyboardist extraordinaire in this fresh, new jazz ensemble. Shortly thereafter, Barry suggested that both he and Tom invite Dave Anthony to play drums with their group, now called Batik. Dave, who has played on Broadway’s “Moving Out” in addition to performing with Oscar award-winning Tan Dun, Patty Smyth and John Wait (to mention a few), is one of the most versatile, musical drummers on the scene today. Both Anthony and Roggie also bring a fresh new compositional approach to the ensemble (in which, incidentally, each member composes!)

Last but not least, Lake Carmel’s very own Tim Ouimette, who has performed with a “who’s who” of jazz ensembles and artists, actually heard a recording of Batik in rehearsal and expressed great interest in joining the band. Touting performances with jazz luminaries such The Count Basie Orchestra, Ray Charles, Ben E. King and Blood Sweat and Tears, Tim Ouimette brings a very sensitive and informed approach to the group with his unique trumpet sound and diverse writing style.

With all of the players in place, the next obvious step was to record their first album, Vudu, which took nearly two years to assemble in Barry Hartglass’s home studio. The CD features a hauntingly beautiful morning sunrise of Lake Carmel on its cover. Give this exceptionel contemporary jazz album a listen at CDBaby.

Kathy Sanborn – Small Galaxy

Singer-songwriter Kathy Sanborn’s musical goal was to create the feel-good album of 2010, and many contemporary music fans believe she’s succeeded with her new release, Small Galaxy. The cheerful tunes of  Small Galaxy are infectious and fresh. From tap-your-feet tracks like the title song,  Small Galaxy to the inspirational Himalaya, the new album shines with positive vibes. Be Coolin’ is a tropical laid-back pleasure, while Catalunya Breeze captures romance on the Mediterranean Sea. Catch the Wave is a funky, feel-good ride, featuring trumpeter extraordinaire Wayne Ricci.

So how does the songstress feel about producing the “feel-good album of 2010“? Says Sanborn, “I’m glad that Small Galaxy inspires people and makes them happy. Music is a powerful force for change, and I’m excited when people say my songs have made a positive difference in their lives. Believe me, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Source: Pacific Coast Jazz