Michael Lington – Collector’s Pack

Born in Denmark Michael Lington realized at an early age musical life is better in the U.S., where he soon hooked up with Mark Schulman. Mark produced Michael’s self-titled debut album (1997). His next albums were Vivid (2002), Everything Must Change (2002), Stay With Me (2004) and A Song For You (2006). In March 2008 he became a US citizen and released his album Heat on NuGroove Records.

Lington will be featured in two shows next month on the Gentlemen of the Night tour also starring fellow saxophonists Marion Meadows and Paul Taylor.

For those, who are not familiar with this artist and for his die-hard fans,  here are good news. NuGroove Records will release on February 2, 2010 Michael Lington – Collector’s Pack, a collection of three CDs containing his albums Heat, Michael Lington and Vivid. The songs will also be offered as mp3. The collection will be available for a reasonable prize.

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