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Fremont John – Guitar Songs

Fremont John is going to get you! His soulful melodies and poignant lyrics will seep into your soul. As a performer and guitarist, singer/songwriter, Fremont John’s seamless musical delivery captures audiences every time they hear him sing and play the guitar.

What is unique to Fremont John is the way that he shows respect for his audience by sculpting songs with intelligent lyrics that find a way to everyone’s emotions. “He sings like a man on a mission of purpose!” states one reviewer. His melodic, hook-laden acoustic guitar leads soar like a wonderful and unusual acoustic blend of Santana and David Gilmour. His abilities, sound quality and his emotion cross the generation lines giving his fan-base a wide age demographic.

His new album Guitar Songs is made by popular demand. Varying styles of guitar evoke images of Santana, Acoustic Alchemy or Craig Chaquico. Great writing, exciting music now available at CDBaby.