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Table 4 5ive – Table Wine

After 2 previous released CDs No Reservations & 2 Hip 2 B Smooth and endless rave reviews the group is back with a 3rd release Table Wine produced by the leader of the group Bluejean. Table Wine is filled with 12 tunes with mainly all instruments played, composed, arranged and produced by Bluejean with sax work by Jeff “Houndog” Schiller (Bossa Blue, Cheers),

The CD is a showcase of diversity like all their other Cds Table Wine the title cut is a smooth island sounding groove orchestrated sax filled smoker, Island Paradise takes you to the Caribbean “off the coast of Costa Rica” after one listening you’ll be transported there also.

It’s Time for smooth jazz, that’s all Table 4 5ive’s sound with sax played by Funky Ali and really cool. Followed by Bossa Blue a chilled out bossa nova flute driven flute layer down by the masterful Houndog. Make My World your World. This R & B inspired groove is smoking thanks to Ali Flute playing; throw your glasses in the air because drums are kicking over this groove.

Koo-lin-out what a groove! That’s what Table 4 5ive is best known for and they don’t miss a beat there just koolin out with this one. Rum on the rocks is pure jazz funk at its finest with an infectious sax line over a slick clav keyboard riff, Cheers! A Maceo, James Brown funky jazz revival Houndog & Bluejean chemistry shines through get ready to say “guud gawd!”

Martini Delight is a classic lounge jazz very smooth very exotic this is what Table wine music is all about really chill out with this one. Swing on this Ms. Fedora, acoustic bass, piano, Hammond organ, jazz guitar and classic strings, and Bluejean‘s Smooth vocals good combo for this groove look for this jam to become a classic song

Salt on the rim, the pocket groove for the group vibing all-night with this lounge spinner. The meat and potatoes of the cd have to be Grapevine this cut is booming funky hip hop heads will be sampling this!!

Table Wine is just what you want to move and groove to chill out with a good bottle of wine with cheese and a biscuits, so, pull up a seat Table 4 5ive is in the House now at CDBaby.