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Plunky & Oneness – 2012 Collectors’ Box Set

J. Plunky Branch offers music for old fans and new with an impressive 5-disc compilation, Plunky & Oneness 2012 Collectors’ Box Set, a retrospective of the best of his last 20 years’ 12 CD albums. Long known for his versatility, saxophonist-producer Plunky has exceeded the bounds of eclecticism in this extensive library of songs organized into genre-specific CD’s: Urban Groove, Cool Jazz, Love Songs, P Phunk and Afro World, packaged into a box set.

This is a collection of songs by one of the most prolific and enduring groups of the last 40 years. The band originated in the early 1970’s as Plunky & Oneness of Juju, an avant Afro-jazz ensemble, and they developed by constantly exploring a wide range additional genres of Black music including R&B, funk, smooth jazz, reggae, hip-hop and neo-soul. Plunky and the group has continued to record and tour extensively and recently had a new break-through when Plunky’s song “Drop” received national radio airplay and became a dance club hit.

Plunky & Oneness 2012 Collectors’ Box Set is a virtual music library of the best of Plunky’s last 20 years’ releases. The compilation includes more than 80 songs on five CD’s plus a bonus disc that contains background information, pictures, travel journals and videos.

The original 12 albums recorded and released between 1988 and 2008 were each unique but similar in that they all contained multiple types of music, as Plunky consciously continued to demonstrate the “oneness” or common characteristics inherent in all Black popular music forms. The songs on the new 2012 compilation CD’s are organized by genre, taking into account that listeners are likely to utilize music albums in accordance with their moods, activities and settings.

Whatever your mood, this collection offers music to enhance and uplift it. Choose whichever hour-long CD matches your state of mind and the music does the rest. Disc 1 Urban Groove has saxy instrumentals for dancing or just grooving (and includes Plunky’s smash hit “Drop”). Disc 2 Cool Jazz is smooth tracks for a mellow atmosphere. Disc 3 Love Songs’ sensual music sets the mood for romance. Disc 4 P Phunk is all hard-core funk to move your mind and body. Disc 5 Afro World explores African rhythms and other world beats.

This is a massive compilation of music for Plunky fans and for collectors of original urban, saxy, cool, funky, love inducing, Afro-jazz and more. The five CD set, plus bonus disc will be packaged in a regular DVD case and have a list price of $39.99, with deep discounts offered for pre-release orders and downloads. National release date for the box set: November 3, 2009.

Available online at and CDBaby.