Rob Tardik – The Right Time

The Right Time is here and now!

These are the words that drive award winning Smooth Jazz artist Rob Tardik. His newest album is a personal statement and musical glimpse into his current life’s musical motion, direction and how he shares his passion for music and the guitar with the world.

Expect Rob’s smooth guitar work to soothe your soul and claim his place as a new fresh face on the Adult Contemporary and Smooth Jazz music scene. Rob is destined to capture plenty of attention with his fantastic new musical offering!

The Right Time includes a lively balanced mixture of 12 tasty instrumental tracks featuring Rob and a stellar cast of musicians he has assembled for this CD that brings back that feel and interaction of a real band working their musical magic together as one sonic cohesive unit! The CD features nine new tracks and three off his last CD which have been re-massaged thoroughly to capture the excitement of Rob’s music with the melodic addition of saxophone player Carson Freeman and the lush piano work of Davor Jordanovski.

Songs like “That’s a Strut”, “Smoothy” and “You Know What I Mean” all pulsate with this new musical chemistry that takes Rob’s music to another level. New tracks like “Crusin”, “Frame of Mind”, “Bounce” and the CD’s title track “The Right Time” further reinforce Rob’s ever tasteful melodic ear and as always is highlighted by his trademark liquid smooth guitar work! Finally the CD’s last track “Waiting for Rain” a beautiful, serene song about personal growth that captures Rob’s passion for the nylon string guitar with its intimate finger style guitar playing. This song is destined for a future movie soundtrack!

With the new release of The Right Time, Canadian born Rob Tardik is poised to make a musically infectious return to concerts and radio worldwide and further establish himself as a wonderful new growing artist in the adult contemporary music scene and continue to support his passion for the guitar and performing live music for audiences everywhere! It’s The Right Time at CDBaby.

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