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Twink – I’m More Than What You See

I’m More Than What You See is Twink‘s fourth cd. Analyze This, The Surprise of Love and The Real Me were the first three just in case you missed out on them. This new cd is full of musical joy. Come take this journey with us. The Jazzy tunes are explosive, the r&b tracks are soulful and the hip hop groove is dynamic. Twink hope you enjoy this cd more than you did the others. Thank you and enjoy.

The talented music composer of this cd called is Floyd Grace. All of Floyds’ friends call him Twink and thus the name  was chosen. Floyd has been on the music scene over twenty years. He is an accomplished percussionist. You know like congas, bongos, and all the trimmings. Years ago Floyd starting writing jingles for a local radio station and the start of his production career began. Floyd and some of his close friends and relatives who are also musicians got together and recorded this Cd to try and provide some good old fashion entertainment for all who love good music at CDBaby.