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Alan King Jr. – The Experiment

Alan King Jr., is an enlivened, up and coming, talented young musician inspired by the genre of Smooth Jazz. He is the quintessential jazz artist that plays a myriad of musical instruments including the piano and percussion with a passion and the stylistic influences drawn from Jazz, Funk, Urban, Pop and R&B.

His influences and musical niche are found in his new debut album The Experiment. Presently he is taking his great love for smooth jazz into his future. Alan King, the musician, the performer well-anticipated debut album; The Experiment, will be but a tool to bring live music back to the people. His audience will be satisfied that he waited to edify and solidify his craft. Alan is finally where is want to be in his life. He became serious about his music, begun to focus, discovered his niche, then his smooth jazz music grooves found him!

The Experiment is now arrived at CDBaby.