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Paul Gadbois – Natures Groove

This collection of original compositions is a musical reflection of the majesty of nature and of the one who created it. Nature and the laws that govern over it in some way inspire each song on this CD. Cut by a River, reflects on the natural forces that create wonderful places like the Grand Canyon.

Dawn is inspired by the natural cycle of a dark night turning into a brand new day. Natures Groove is a simple commentary about the rhythms and melodies of nature that surround us everywhere we go. Time Changes is a confirmation of the fact that time is a perception that brings with it the change that happens before our very eyes. Lest we forget that everything changes except the law of change, which states that all things change. Breath of an Angel is a gentle composition that was inspired by a cool summer breeze that refreshes you from the warmth of the Sun.

Mr. Sky was an awe inspired expression of the sky, the planets and the intelligent order of the universe. Sangria on the Waves is a smooth jazz representation of the calm feeling that you get when sitting at the beach watching the waves roll in while drinking a cold beverage. So Sweet! Kalypso is just a party song that embodies the spirit of the islands and those who live on them. All About Now represents that moment in time when time itself stands still and for the one who is in the moment, it’s All About Now.

Natures Groove was created to relax the listener, relieve stress and promote overall well being. Now released at CDBaby.