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Yoshiaki Masuo – Life Is Good

lifeisgoodTo many, the word “relaxing” is interchangeable with “boring” when it comes to describing music. Guitarist Yoshiaki Masuo defies that concept on Life Is Good, an aptly named release on the Sunshine Ave. label.

The set begins pleasantly with the title song, a charming tribute to true love. Masuo then injects some traditional jazz and humor with “Wet Dog.” A dog barks periodically as Masuo and his sidemen – in this case, Larry Goldings on organ and Lenny White on drums – enjoy an all-out jam. Masuo’s play is a throwback to Wes Montgomery with a hint of George Benson. Goldings shows, during his solo, why he’s one of the most sought-after Hammond B-3 players. And White is in a zone, whether underscoring the leads with crisp cymbals play or filling the call and response with rolls on the snare and toms.

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