Earl Carter – Project X

Guitarist Earl Carter is well known in smooth jazz business. He already recorded with Marcus Johnson, Bobby Lyle, Jaared, Alyson Williams, Spike Lee, John Tillery and also performed with Nick Colionne, Bob Baldwin, Mike Phillips, Freddie Jackson, Michael Lington and a lot more.

He regularly release solo albums as No Frettin’ (2002), 495 (2005), My Paradise (2007) and this year Project X. After the first listen I was pleasantly surprised about the fresh and unadulterated sound. Earl is escorted by top-notch musicians as Dwayne Kingo Wellman (drums), DeAndre Minor (organ), Eric Marner (sax), Glenn Douglas (clavinet, keyboards), Milton GoGo Mickey Freeman (congas), Glen Arnett (keyboards), Robert Wright (drums), John Ford (bass) and some more. With this great impact you can’t go wrong.

It’s the intimate combination of electric guitar and bass with a strong organ line which makes The Village Pt 2 so outstanding. That could be a jam session in a small jazz club and when Eric Marner blows his tenor sax, this impression is complete.

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