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Boney James – Send One Your Love

Boney James has a great fan community. His new album Send One Your Love claimed the top spot on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart in its first week. What makes this musician so popular?

No, it’s not his hat. Although he’s his trademark. Maybe his early fusion of R&B and hip-hop with smooth jazz, we could observe in his albums Trust (1992), Backbone (1994), Seduction (1995), Sweet Thing/It’s All Good (1998), Body Language (1999), Shake It Up w/Rick Braun (2000), Ride (2001), Pure (2004), and Shine (2006). Let’s call it Urban Jazz. He also offered some Christmas albums like Boney’s Funky Christmas (1996) and Christmas Present (2007).

On his new album Send One Your Love (2009) Boney offers a splendid mix of own compositions and covers, all produced and recorded by himself in various studios in and around L.A. and New York. The formula is recognized and so await nothing new, but much long-standing and well-tried.

Boney makes us curious with Wanna Show U Sumthin‘. It’s the flowing rhythm which makes this tune so appealing. Especially I like the turntable scratch as rhythm element. Boney perfectly adapts the rhythm for the smooth sax sound.

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