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Jay Soto – Mesmerized

When I raved in 2005 about Jay Soto‘s debut album, “Long Time Coming is his pave stone of virtuosity for a hopefully not so long way to musical celebrity”, I didn’t expect such a rapid rise of this striving guitarist.

Well, two years later Jay Soto had himself established on the charts and signed a contract with NuGroove Records releasing his sophomore album Stay Awhile. And his career continues with his new album Mesmerized (2009).

The title sums up the effect of Jay’s guitar performance. Like on his previous album Jay is supported by great producers. Michael Broening, Darren Rahn and Mark Riddick signed as responsible. But Jay produced this time a great part of his album himself at his own SotoPop Studio in Glendale, Arizona. Jay is joined by such veritable artists as Freddie Fox (rhythm guitar), Mel Brown (bass), Michael White (drums), Michael Broening (keyboards and programming) and some more guest musicians.

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