George Benson – Songs And Stories

The release of a George Benson album is always a musical major event. George Benson is legend, icon and musical reference. While jazz fans prefer his sophisticated jazz releases, Benson’s growing popularity is nevertheless build on albums like Give Me The Night and Irreplaceable.

The making of the album Songs And Stories is documented in the George Benson Sessions. As the title indicates is Songs And Stories a collection of popular songs of prolific musicians of the last half century. Nine of the songs are renditions, while three songs, Bill Withers’ A Telephone Call Away, Rod Temperton’s Family Reunion and Lamont Dozier’s Living in High Definition are especially written for George’s new album.

The album opens with Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, a song by James Taylor, written for his album One Man Dog (1972). Benson recorded his rendition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the support of some Brazilian session players. “James Taylor is a great songwriter, and a great performer too,” comments Benson. “Not many people are brave enough to cover his songs because he does them so well himself, and with such simplicity. It’s hard to beat that combination, but I tried my hand at it while I was down there, and it came off so well that I decided to put it on the record.”

Composer Rod Temperton is famous for his Michael Jackson contributions like Rock With You or Thriller. Rod is also composer of George’s all-time hit Give Me The Night. He tailored Family Reunion in a perfect George Benson style. You know, it’s a masterpiece when every note is just at the point.

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