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Marion Meadows – Secrets

Womanizer Marion Meadows makes his Secrets public. Looking back on a formidable list of previous releases like For Lovers Only (1990), Keep It Right Here (1992), Forbidden Fruit (1994), Body Rhythm (1995), Pleasure (1997), Another Side of Midnight (1999), Next To You (2000), In Deep (2002), Player’s Club (2004) and Dressed To Chill (2006), Secrets (2009) is his fifth album on Heads Up International. Marion Meadows continues his joint venture with keyboardist/producer Michael Broening, with whom he already co-operated on his previous three albums.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of projects, both my own and group efforts,” says Meadows, “and my main objective is to keep growing as an artist and engage the fans who have invested so much emotion in my music and my career. Aside from that wonderful sense of live communication, the real magic for me happens in the studio when I put on those headphones and start playing. That’s where the ideas just start to flow. Everything else in my musical life comes out of that moment.”

Besides Michael Broening (keys) join Mel Brown (bass), Freddie Fox (guitar), and Michael White (drums) Marion’s new project. Furthermore Marion incorporate some musicians he plays with on his live performances. Marion explains: “Contemporary jazz artists can get a little caught up in the more stylish side of the recording process, with computers and drum machines and other cutting-edge technology. For as good as all that stuff can sound, there’s an organic element that gets lost. If you move too far in that direction, I think people start to take musicians in this genre – and the genre in general – less seriously as a result.”

This idea in mind Marion introduces his new project with Secrets. A mellow tune like the warm wind of Spring. “Secrets are things that are kept hidden beneath the surface of our own intellect, our own decision-making,” he comments. “They’re these treasures that are often right in front of our eyes and yet we don’t even see them or know they’re there.

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