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Joe McBride – Lookin’ For A Change

Fulton, Missouri born Joe McBride has a strong connection to Heads Up International. He attended the North Texas State University to study jazz and performance, where he met Dave Love, founder of Heads Up International. He is one of those seldom artists who never changed the label. Joe started his career with Grace (1992), followed by A Gift For Tomorrow (1994), Keys To Your Heart (1996), Double Take (1998), Texas Rhythm Club (2000), Keepin’ It Real (2002) and Texas Hold’em (2005).

He continues his strong connection with Lookin’ For A Change scheduled for release July 28, 2009. Joe is supported by his live trio – guitarist Dan Wilson, bassist Roger Hines and drummer Elijah Gilmore. The title of the new album is programmatic. Joe explains: “The majority of my releases in the past have been primarily electronic, with an acoustic piano playing over the top of arrangements that were primarily put together with drum machines and other technology. I’ve loved contemporary jazz. It’s been a lot of fun playing that kind of music. But I wanted to move forward a little bit, demonstrate a little growth, try something new.”

That said Joe’s interpretation of new is a collection of pop songs performed in a jazzy style. Beside these covers Joe also offers three new own compositions. Following the huge hype around Gnarls Barkley’s megahit Crazy (2006), provoking covers of Nelly Furtado, The Kooks, The Zutons, Prince and many more, Joe couldn’t resist to oppose his own rendition.

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