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Najee – Mind Over Matter

An attentive observer of Najee‘s career will recognize the change of Najee’s outfit on his last three albums. In the past dressed elegant like a nouveau rich Najee is now down to the earth. Indeed Najee’s contact to audience and fan base is better than ever. Najee can look back on a long livelihood as one of the high acclaimed sax players. His contributions to the music world are constantly perfect.

The title of Najee’s new album Mind Over Matter is inspired by Miles Davis’ art of songwriting. “In his later years, he took a very loose and improvisational approach,” Najee comments. “He would start with nothing more than a groove that Marcus Miller or some other member of his band would lay down. And from there he would just develop these melodies that were very simple but at the same time very compelling and very memorable. It was a creative process that bypassed the nuts and bolts of the song and just got right to the essence of it.”

Najee’s song writing process was supported by artists like keyboardist Jeff Lorber and vocalists Eric Benêt and Gary Taylor. The album opens the grooves with the urban Love You A Lifetime. Luscious sax layers are the melodious background for Najee’s expressive sax solo enriched with some keyboard gimmicks. Jeff Lorber’s superb Rhodes solo is the bridge to Najee’s brilliant travel around on flute.

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