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Nils – Up Close And Personal

German born guitarist and composer Nils resides since the mid-80’s in southern California. After visiting the musician institute in Hollywood Nils started in the 80’s as an engineer in a recording studio. There he found the possibility to learn all technical tricks of recording, which was very helpful to record his first album Blue Planet, which was released in 1998 and received high acclaims. After composing for movie and TV Nils had the chance to work with Gabriele Anders, Rick Braun and others with the support of producer Paul Brown.

Nils avoids to listen to much too smooth jazz radio stations to keep his musical influences fresh. Nils plays Valley Arts guitars, like other Los Angeles studio musicians and jazz guitarists such as Lee Ritenour, Steve Lukather, Tommy Tedesco and Larry Carlton. On the quiet Nils is an avid lover of contemporary jazz although he realizes the needs of a secure income nowadays. But when he returned to his solo career it was as a smooth jazz guitarist with Pacific Coast Highway (2005) followed by Ready To Play (2007). After the tremendous success of both albums Nils is back with Up Close And Personal (2009).

Supporting musicians of this album are Clydene Jackson (keyboards, vocals), Oliver Brown (percussion), Ricky Lawson (drums), Reggie Mc Bride and Alex Al (basses). There are also some additional guest musicians like Shilts (sax), Larry Dunn (piano, mini moog), Eddie Brown (vocals), Dan Farrow (clavinet) and more. Nils composed all songs with the exception of Europa, which is an old Santana song from the time of Woodstock.

In this time of misery and recession there is still a remedy for relaxation and switching off, Nils’ music. Soul Mates has an immense uplifting potential. Let’s hum “We Are Soul Mates!” Up Close & Personal is Nils’ serious expression of his knowledge and impetus. Quick and precise riffs define a captivating melody. Nils reveals that professional craftsmanship and sultry melodies are no opposite.

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