Ronny Smith – Just Groovin

We need another hero. After Wes Montgomery and George Benson Ronny Smith epitomizes the culture of jazz guitar music. After his albums Long Time Comin (2001), Laid Back (2002), Got Groove (2006) and Simply Stated (2007) he honored us with his new album Just Groovin (2009),  released on May 19, 2009.

“As a guitarist. I’ve learned that bands can do with you or without you regardless of your abilities.” Ronny describes his solo career, “Your job is a filler, so I started thinking more independently outside the band box. Thus, this project was developed. I wanted to know first if I was capable of doing this. That is not only the guitar parts, but if I could put my hearing to test to see if I could bring out what I have learned and heard over the years into a composition. I have to say Long Time Comin’ was an effort, but I knew I’ve got a harder road ahead than I thought.”

On his new project Ronny is joined by Vernell Mincey (drums), Tony Whitfield (bass), Alan Alexander (keys), Scott Martin (sax), Stan Martin (trumpet), Andy Martin (trombone), and Karl McNeil (bass). With the exception of two covers Rony has composed all tracks on his new album.

Ronny shows sign of life with Here We Go Again. The essence of smooth jazz is smelling to my nose. Ronny’s signature guitar sound and his terrific keyboards skills brighten our mood. Appealing guitar chords are Ronny’s trademark. The next title Smooth suggested something mellow to me. Multi-instrumentalist Ronny Smith arranges keyboards, guitars, bass, flutes and string to a brilliant package supporting his captivating guitar line.

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